Haiku Wisdom

Both born of ancient masters, the unique blending of Haiku and Kung Fu in Haiku Wisdom, gives us a seamless guide to exploring our human existence.

With careful attention to the minute detail and beauty of nature, Don Baird brings us on a magical journey of perception, introducing us to the miracles of our souls, hearts, minds and world.

By using the allure of haiku mixed with the elegance of martial arts philosophies, he allows us to open our eyes to our own journeys, where we may begin to revel in the grandeur that is our life.

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Don Baird

Don Baird (2009 Martial Art Masters Hall of Fame) is an internationally known and respected martial arts teacher and poet.

He specializes in eastern poetry forms such as haiku, haiga, and tanka. Don has been published in e-zines and magazines including Simply Haiku, World Haiku Review, Ambrosia: Journal of Fine Haiku, Notes from the Gean, Haijinx, and the Heron's Nest. He placed 3rd in the International Kusamakura Haiku Contest two years in a row, and 1st place in the NHK Radio International Haiku Contest.

Don describes himself as a simple man looking at nature's things through the lens of a haiku. Always searching -- yet, deep inside, he knows there is nothing to be found but himself.


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