A book that embraces the spirit of martial arts through the avenue of haiku. I constantly pick this book up to remind myself of the quaint philosophies that imbue Master Baird's art and to bring those ideas into my everyday life.

Master Adam Marshall
Date Posted: July 2011

Haiku Wisdom is a book unlike any I have read before. It's a poetry book, a philosophy book, and a self-help book all in one. Reading each individual chapter, the reader will be tempted to think Baird is speaking directly to them... and they will be correct. He has a skillful way of addressing topics that are pertinent to all of us... in a way that makes us want to explore his meanings and our experiences at the same time. I keep Haiku Wisdom by my bedside where I can pick it up at any time and randomly read a page or two. No matter how many times I read it, I always get something new out of it.

Bridget Streb
Date Posted: July 2011

Don Baird is a rare English launguage haiku poet. He views haiku as a Japanese genre that is event biased versus object biased. The decades he's s taught and studied martial arts influences his mind set. Recently someone wrote me asking me to name 10 American haiku poets who I feel are topnotch. I couldn't think of ten, but Don Baird was one of the names I wrote down. His haiku breathe life and recognize the creative force of nature (zoka) as a haiku poet's master sensei.

Robert Wilson, co-owner, co-managing editor of Simply Haiku
Date Posted: June 2011

One of the few who understands the Japanese ways.

Dr. Gabi Greve, World Kigo Database, Japan
Date Posted: June 2011


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